5Dimes Sportsbook - Friendly To Players In All 50 States

Think all the way back to 1998. Any idea what you were doing back then? It doesn't seem that long ago, but really it is. That also happens to be the year that 5Dimes Sportsbook was founded. And since that first year, this online sportsbook has grown to be one of the most popular ones in the world.

5Dimes headquarters is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and has been an industry leader in betting lines and what they offer their bettors who choose to sign up and play there. And when it comes to sportsbooks for USA bettors, this one might be listed at the very top.

Does 5Dimes Sportsbook Accept USA Residents?

5Dimes is an online sportsbook for players in the United States. 5Dimes has been accepting players since its inception, and will continue to do so. Legally speaking, 5Dimes is within the law for USA players to gamble. 5Dimes operated outside of the U.S. and therefore outside of the Federal Government of the United States and their jurisdiction.

How Old Do USA Players Need To Be To Bet At 5Dimes?

We've established that 5Dimes is a safe and legal betting option for U.S. residents to participate and place wagers. But it's important to establish the parameters within that. And it really only comes down to legal gambling ages for online sports betting. 5Dimes dictates a minimum age of 18. But depending on where you live in the U.S., state law could mandate you to be at least 21. You can easily access the gambling age laws in your state online.

5Dimes Sportsbook Bonuses - How To Get Free Money From 5Dimes

New players to 5Dimes will reap the benefits of a great match bonus of up to $520 on the first deposit into their account. After All, a sportsbook bonus is one of the coolest features of an online sportsbook. This bonus could be considered the main bonus that is featured at 5Dimes, with their sportsbook being the most popular part of the site.

But other features and bonuses along with those features are also available. And then of course there are the other types of bonuses that you will see, such as reduced juice bonuses on how much the sportsbook collects, or a reload bonus. The free money is plentiful at 5Dimes.

5Dimes Betting Odds + Wager Types

5Dimes has perhaps the largest selection of betting odds that you will find from any of the betting sites mentioned throughout this site. This is definitely a great feature to the sportsbook. The number of sports that are offered here are consistent with most betting sites. But within the categories of betting odds such at props and futures, 5Dimes routinely has unique betting lines + payouts on the site.

Among the sports you can expect to find at 5Dimes will include professional and collegiate sports in the United States. Sports in the U.S. are the most widely covered sports at 5Dimes, making up the majority of betting lines.

In terms of the types of wagers that can be made, there are several. The available options will be dictated by the sports the bettor chooses to play. For example, football and basketball have the widest selection of wager types, because teasers and pleaser come into play. But just about every sports will field straight bets and parlays.

U.S. Deposit Methods At 5Dimes - How To Fund Your Account

It's laid out simple and easy at 5Dimes in terms of how to make a deposit into your account. They even make it nice for USA players, labeling them as methods that are acceptable for North America.

U.S. Payout Methods At 5Dimes - How To Withdrawal Your Winnings

Just like the case with deposit options for USA players, the same thing can be seen with making a withdrawal.

Fees can be associated with these payouts, with 5Dimes requesting that you call or email for specific amounts and questions.

Other Features At 5Dimes - What Else Does 5Dimes Have?

Outside of having one of the best sportsbooks that accept U.S. residents, 5Dimes has several other gambling options as well. They include a full online casino, a poker room, two different racebooks, and a lottery section. Think of 5Dimes as an all inclusive gambling site. Each of the aforementioned areas all extend to USA residents just like the sportsbook does.

Separate accounts do not need to be created for the different aspects of the site. One account will give complete access to the different arenas. What users should be mindful of though are the different rewards and promotions that are different.

5Dimes Customer Service - What To Do If You Need Help!

For those who have questions about 5Dimes, the website has a great Frequently Asked Questions site that answer most of the common questions. For unique questions that are not touched upon, a contact phone number for sports betting at 1-866-924-3772. Customer service can also be reached through email at cs@5dimes.eu.