Are Sports Betting Sites Legal In The United States?

Whether or not there are sports betting sites legal in the United States is a hard question to answer. Some have said that the Wire Act bans online sports betting, but others say that this is untrue because the Wire Act was created before the Internet was even thought of. With no federal legislation banning sports betting outright, this question is somewhat tricky.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act simply makes it illegal for banks to process deposits into or out of online sportsbooks. There is no real bearing on the player. If you do want to bet on sports over the Internet, know that you will be able to do so in the USA without any legal complications. Just don't try to open your own sports betting site and you have nothing to worry about. If you still are not sure whether or not are sports betting sites legal in the United States, than we advise you speak with an attorney.

While there is no regulatory body to determine whether or not online sports betting is a protected, it is likely that there will eventually be some legislation protecting online sports betting. Regardless, we still have a plethora of these online sports betting sites that accept US players.

Best Legal Sports Betting Sites For USA Players

Bovada Sportsbook - Accepts Players In 47 U.S. States; No NY, MD, or WA

For more than a decade, Bovada has bene providing players with the ablity to freely wager on sports. In this time, their sportsbook has become one of the most prestigious betting sites online. They have managed to amass a large assortment of betting lines, giving their players the ability to wager on a wide number of sports. Due to their offering some of the best odds in the industry, Bovada has managed to become one of the most profitable sportsbooks as well.

When you first join their gaming center, Bovada will meet you with an impressive sportsbook deposit bonus. This bonus carries a 50% rate, which has a $250 limit and a very low rollover rate; 3x rollover. Deposit methods include Western Union, Money Gram + VISA debit, credit + prepaid cards.

Backed by Bovada's helpful customer service department, you should never encounter a problem that can't be rapidly fixed. Bovada's customer service department can be reached through a phone service, a live chat, and an e-mail line that can be contacted directly through their webpage.

SportsBetting - Welcomes Players In All 50 U.S. States; Very Friendly To USA

When you join, you will immediately see their generosity. offers freedom of choice above anything else. Their freedom begins with the choice over a bonus. The bonus you will have available through can be worth as much as $900 each time you fund your account. Thanks to a 15% or 25% matching reload bonus, this promotion claims to give bonuses for life... it really appears as though that is the case.

They will allow you to collect this bonus through a variety of deposit methods. Including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and wire transfers, their deposit methods are nearly limitless in scope.

They take sports betting a step further by offering their players some of the best features of any bookie. They will not only show you the odds on a betting line, but they will also show you the trends of the wagers. The percent of people taking one line or another can all be found, which could help you draw your own bet based on the censensus of the betting community.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Easy To Sign Up; Most Deposits Credit Instantly

If you are like many other bettors in that you do not wish to wait until the last minute to place a wager, you will want to consider BetOnline as your sportsbook. BetOnline provides players wiht the fastest lines possible. In order to stay unique and ahead of many other betting sites, BetOnline tries to be the first sportsbook to offer a line on any given sport but especially with football.

Their catchphrase is "Where the Line Originates," and this could not be more true. Their odds are not only earlier than most, but they are also more favorable. Due to the rapidity of the lines, they can sometimes offer better odds than other sportsbooks could afford. Whether it is a spread, a total, or even a straight wager, you should not have too much trouble finding the line you want on the sport of your choosing. Everything you could ask for, including, but not limited to, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, NASCAR, soccer, and cricket can all be found through BetOnline.

5Dimes - Easy Parlay + Betting Rules Let Bettors Place Money How They Want

5Dimes is one of hte most fluid services you can find. They are easily in the top five best online sportsbooks due to the variety of services that they offer. Be it their sportsbook, which is almost perfect in its own right, or their live dealer casino, you will invariably find a service that can cater to any need you may have when it comes to online gambling.

Their betting odds are regularly agreed to be some of the most favorable, as they offer better payouts, lower juice, and easier cashouts than nearly any other sportsbook. You will be able to receive a 50% match bonus which is good for up to $520 dollars when you first sign up. Keep in mind that your deposit method could actually affect this, so read up on the caveats of each method before you choose one.

Their deposit methods include credit cards, wire transfers and simply sending a check or money order through the mail + 5Dimes has some friendly options for sportsbook payouts as well.

When you join up with 5Dimes you will be immediately able to get involved in one of the online sports betting sites legal in the United States.

DSI Sportsbook - Allowing Americans To Bet Sports Legally For Over A Decade

DSI is one of the leading online USA Friendly Sportsbooks. They are totally legal in the United States, and accept players from all over the country. With betting lines specifically built for American players, DSI has become one of easiest sportsbooks to use. The NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB are all covered by DSI, as well as almost two dozen other sports and events. No matter if it is in the dead of summer with only MLB, or you're right in the heart of football season, DSI is sure to have the bets that intrigue you enough to want to lay some cash on the line.

DSI also has a 20% match to $500 waiting for all new account holders, so there should never be a short supply of cash. The 20% match carries a 5x rollover. If you prefer a lower rollover requirement, look at the 10% match also worth $500. That bonus only has a 3x rollover making it easier to get to the point where your bonus can be turned into cold hard cash. DSI has made it so their players are always well taken care of, as they are one of the online sports betting sites legal in the United States.

Bovada Is Legal For All U.S. Players