Sports Betting Bonuses + Sportsbook Bonus Codes

Many gamblers love to play just for the pleasure of playing, but of course, it’s even more fun when you win something. To entice players to place wagers—and sometimes to reward them for their loyalty—many online sportsbooks seek to sweeten the deal, offering bonuses on top of other winnings or earnings. Players at online sportsbooks do well to study up on the different kinds of bonuses that are out there.

That’s what this page here on is all about. An educational resource for online gamers, this page will go into detail regarding some of the specific types of sportsbook bonuses that are out there. Keep these details in mind as you consider wagering through a particular sportsbook.

Types of Bonuses Found At Online Sportsbooks

Indeed, it is crucial to note that not all sportsbook bonuses are created equal. The list—which includes welcome/first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, referral bonuses, VIP programs, special event bonuses, and more—comes with plenty of unique advantages.

Welcome/First Deposit - The welcome bonus—also called a “first deposit” bonus—is the first bonus you will ever receive when you join an online sportsbook, and it is usually the largest, as well. Given to you when you make your first deposit, it can be as high as $1,000—though at most online sportsbooks, what you get is a percentage of the total deposit.

Reload Bonus - When you make a deposit after that initial deposit, meanwhile, you might get a reload bonus. In most cases, this reload bonus is smaller than the welcome bonus. With that said, you may find some sportsbooks where the reload bonus is worth just as much as the welcome!

Referral Bonus - Some online sportsbooks offer referral bonuses. This is exactly what it sounds like. When you refer a friend to the site, and that friend makes his or her initial deposit, you get a small reward.

VIP Programs - Additionally, many online sportsbooks have VIP programs, which are also known as rewards programs. This isn’t quite the same as the other bonuses mentioned here, because what you get is points, not cash—though as those points accrue, you can get special prizes, like TVs, electronics, clothing, and more.

Special Event Bonuses - Special events bonuses are, likewise, not necessarily monetary. These are bonuses given out for special happenings—like the NCAA tournament brackets, for example. Sometimes, joining in these special events is free, and other times, it can cost money; the prize may be cash, or it may be something else.

What Are Sportsbook Bonus Codes?

Of course, in order to receive your online sportsbook bonuses, you will need to know how to use a sportsbook bonus code. The bonus code you receive will be an alphanumeric string that is used to claim whatever bonus you are due. This is critical: Online sportsbooks seldom credit bonuses automatically, so you have to use your code to signify that you wish to claim the bonus, and that you accept the terms and conditions associated with it.

Note that, sometimes, you’ll be given a choice between two different bonuses, and each one will come with its own unique code. Make sure to pay attention to the bonus codes you’re using!

More FAQ About Sports Betting Bonuses + Promotions

There are still further facts worth noting about online sports site bonuses—including minimum deposit information, rollover requirements, and more. Read on through some of the frequently asked questions that we get for some further tips and insights about bonuses + collecting them.

Are There Minimum Deposits Required To Collect Bonuses?

Sometimes, there will be a minimum deposit amount required to claim your reload or welcome bonus—meaning that you cannot simply deposit a buck and expect to get a bonus back! The specific amount varies from one sportsbook to the next. It could be a number as low as $20, or as high as a few hundred dollars; it all depends on the betting site.

What Are Bonus Rollover Requirements And Why Do They Matter?

Another important consideration is the rollover requirement imposed by a given sportsbook. This denotes the number of times the original amount deposited, plus the bonus received from promotions, must be wagered in order for the player to request a withdrawal from online sportsbooks.

And again, this varies from one online sportsbook to the next. Sometimes, it is as low as once; other times, it is as high as 20 times. Depending on the bonus, a player might be able to make a withdrawal up to the point where the original deposit is lost or the bonus rollover is achieved.

Do I have to accept bonuses From Online Sportsbooks?

A final question to address: As a player at an online sportsbook, do you have to accept bonuses? The answer is, it depends. Most bonuses do have to be accepted, but those that are granted automatically can be declined, so long as they have not been used to wager with yet. For more details, contact the customer service desk at your online sportsbook of choice!

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