U.S. Sports Betting Deposits + Funding Options

The steps to take for depositing into an online sportsbook account are very important to the overall online sports betting process. It's the piece to the puzzle that links the bettor and sportsbook together so that the account holder is able to take the funds and place real-money wagers. In terms of sportsbooks that accept players from the United States, there are certain types and methods in which this can be done.

Our readers here at USAFriendlySportsbooks.com will find out exactly what it takes to make a deposit into an online sportsbook accepting them. This is highlighted by the specific methods in which a deposit at a sportsbook can be made. The nice thing is that there will be plenty of different options, and while not every online sports betting site will have equal options, you will be able to find a sportsbook that is geared towards what you are able to use.

Sportsbook Deposit Methods For U.S. Players

We break down the different deposit options into a couple of different categories, and explain the details and requirements of those categories. You should notice some differences and similarities, and gain an understanding of what the sportsbook is trying to accomplish by accepting certain deposit options.

Remember, USA players are somewhat limited in what they can fund an account with. The choices below are all found at the leading sports betting sites taking USA players listed in this guide.

Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards - The most common and popular way for a player from the U.S. to make a deposit is with a credit card. This also happens to be the most-offered deposit method at USA friendly sportsbooks. Of the credit card method, it's a Visa card that is found at the most, followed by American Express. A credit card deposit into a sportsbook acts like an online transaction, with the funds instantly transferred.

Cash Transfer To Sportsbooks - In terms of a wire transfer, account holders will see a couple of different methods to use. They are a Western Union transfer and a MoneyGram. What's nice about these methods is that they can be deposited and used as withdrawal methods as well. A wire transfer can be sent to the cashier at the sportsbook and then funded into the player's account. This can take up to a couple hours to be completed. The limits of wire transfers as far as max + min amounts will vary by sportsbook.

Physical Paper Drafts - A money order or a cashier's check are sometimes accepted at certain sportsbooks. These are sent off to the sportsbook and deposited into the account once received by the cashier. These often are accompanied by high minimum and maximum funding limits, but again it will depend on the sportsbook.

Voucher Payments - A voucher can be purchased to be used at sportsbooks accepting specific types. There are a couple of sportsbooks which accept an EZ-Voucher that American players can use. This is done by creating a Paste and Pay account, and then inputting the pin number into the designated spot when the voucher method is selected. This is a nice method for players who don't want any financial information of theirs tied to the sportsbook.

Bank Wire - Similar to that of a wire transfer, a bank wire can be used to wire money from the player into a sportsbook account. Bank wire have high maximum deposit amounts so that big players can choose to fund plenty of money should they desire to do so. The same can be said for when withdrawing from an account.

Why Are Some Deposit Methods Not Available To USA Players?

A lot of it comes down to the specific deposit option not being available to American players. If it were up to the sportsbook, they would open all deposit options to all players, but that simply isn't the case. The majority of the closed deposit options typically include electronic wallets which are also known as e-wallets. A popular e-wallet is PayPal and while Americans can use PayPal for a lot of things, online sports gambling is not one of them.

Even though U.S. players don't have valuable tools like PayPal in their arsenal, we've displayed that there are a plethora of other options which can provide the same end result. In fact, many of them had the capability of transferring funds electronically and are commonly used in everyday life. Sportsbooks want to make sure that existing and prospective U.S. players will be able to fund their accounts with little difficulty.

For specific information on which deposit methods are offered at which sportsbook, we suggest that you check out our sportsbook reviews located throughout USAFriendlySportsbooks.com.

Other Important Details About Depositing Into Sportsbooks

Fees - It Could Cost Money To Deposit Depending On Method + Book

Typically there are only fees associated with making a wire transfer on the part of the company sending it. However, sportsbooks will often cover those fees if the deposit exceeds a certain requirement. Each sportsbook is different so you will want to look into that if a wire transfer option is the way you want to go with.

Credit + debit cards are also commonly charged a fee when successful because this is not always guaranteed and technically should not work at all. The fees come into play because online bookmakers must go through much work in order to process + accept deposits via this method.

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