Bovada Sportsbook - Friendly For Players In 47 U.S. States

Bovada Sportsbook operates outside of the United States, but is a USA friendly sportsbook. This sportsbook accepts and encourages US residents to visit and sign up so they can begin to wager on the daily betting lines available through this portal. For two decades, Bovada has been among an industry leader for years, forming some of the best lines across a myriad of sports that you will find anywhere else.

Beyond all of that, Bovada's online sportsbook a place where citizens of the United States can legally bet sports online. As this review proceeds, facts will be presented to show readers that Bovada is truly a legal and safe option that has all of the sports betting lines + wager types that any sports fan could ask for!

Does Bovada Sportsbook Accept USA Residents?

As far as the options that can be trusted, Bovada might just be the most USA friendly sportsbooks that exists today. But even with that said, there are three states that are not accepted at Bovada: New York, Washington, and Maryland. Anyone living in those three states should explore other options like those available through BetOnline or 5Dimes Sportsbook where residents of all 50 states are permitted to wager... as long as they meet the age requirements.

How Old Do USA Players Need To Be To Bet At Bovada?

Bovada is a great online sports betting option for players in the U.S., but requirements still need to be met. Most notably is the legal gambling age. Bovada has on their site that bettors must be at least 18 years old to place a wager. No exceptions. Taking that a step further though, Bovada also makes note that it would be wise to consult your local state laws in the United States for gambling ages, because you might have to be 21 depending on your area.

Ok, we've addressed some of the basics of Bovada. The who, what, and where, but now it's time to get into some of the specifics as it relates to Bovada, and what makes them a top-tier online sports betting option for United States residents.

Bovada Sportsbook Bonuses - How To Get Free Money From Bovada

A sportsbook bonus gives players free cash or free plays, and is a nice incentive to signing up and placing bets. For Bovada, they have what is referred to as a first-time deposit bonus. That is just like it would appear. This bonus can be accepted for your initial deposit to fund your sportsbook account at Bovada, which is 50 percent match up to $250 on your deposit.

Outside of the first-time deposit bonus, Bovada will run various promotions and different bonuses that can be found on site.

Bovada Betting Odds + Wager Types

Sports To Bet On At Bovada:

Bovada has a variety of sports and leagues to bet on. If you are a U.S. player, life is good. The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football, PGA Tour, NASCAR, tennis, Soccer, and plenty more can be bet. For a complete list, visit Bovada.

A Few Of The Betting Odds + Wager Types Found At Bovada:

Bet straight wagers against the spread, on the moneyline, props and futures at Bovada. Other wager types include a parlay, teaser, pleaser, and if-bets.

U.S. Deposit Methods At Bovada - How To Fund Your Account

You've chosen Bovada as the sportsbook you wish to play and have signed up for an account - now it's time to make that deposit and the next step towards betting. For USA players, there are a couple of ways to do this at Bovada.

U.S. Payout Methods At Bovada - How To Withdrawal Your Winnings

Whether you've laid down one bet, or 100 bets, whenever you want to cash out at Bovada as a U.S player you can do so easily. How is it done? Well, there a couple of ways.

Other Features At Bovada - What Else Does Bovada Have?

Bovada is not limited to just a sportsbook. In fact, they have several other options including:

Bovada Customer Service - What To Do If You Need Help!

Reach out to Bovada with any question by phone on their General Support hot line at 1-888-263-0000. This is available 24-7. Additionally, there is an online contact form that can be filled out, that is sent to Bovada customer service and will be given a prompt response.

Bovada Is Legal For All U.S. Players